What type of stand should you choose for your company?

Ensuring the visibility of your company at cultural organisations, fairs, etc. requires the right choice of exhibition stand. A multitude of stand types are available, including: pack stands, umbrella stands, custom-made stands, trade fair stands, etc. In this article, we propose the types of stand and why you should choose them. Try to choose the type of stand according to your budget, the time you would like to spend on the premises and what you earn on the exhibition site.

Modular stand

This type of stand is easy to transport and fold. It consists of partitions and moved here modules. No need for an expert to assemble it. This stand is malleable and can be adapted to several uses. It is made of lightweight tools and materials. With a small budget you can have it.

Packaged stand

The most suitable for small areas, this stand is made of the colours and logos of the organisers. It is not personalised to your company. It is a ready to use stand. No need for assembly. It is made up of several secondary services: electricity, water, power, telephone, etc. It is up to your company to choose according to your needs and budget. With a reasonable budget, you can have it.

Customised stand

This is a unique and individual design. It is made according to your company's choice. It's all about creating the colours, the space, the quality of the materials. It is therefore personalised to your company. It very often meets the company's expectations because it is consistent with your structure. The creation of customised stands nevertheless requires an impressive budget and time. Please note that there are enough possibilities to choose from, it's up to you to make your choice according to your needs and your convictions. So it would be better for you not to make a wrong choice.