What is the best way to communicate in China ?

China offers trips that thousands of people dream of. For an unforgettable trip, each destination offers the opportunity to explore interesting historic sites, taste delicious food and do many wonderful activities. So, if you want to share the best moments of your life in China or stay in touch with your loved ones, you should choose the best means of communication available in the country. Read on to learn more.

Telephone in China

The preferred means of communication in China is the telephone whether mobile or landline. For more information, check here. With this means of communication, you can benefit from many advantages when traveling in China. Telephones can be very useful in case you get lost or need to contact the embassy. 

In the case of cell phones, it is advisable to unlock them with the help of the network operator before leaving. For international calls, Chinese phone services are not very convenient. Overseas calls are often very complicated and not possible without a phone card. The latter is only available locally, but costs less if there is a good uninterrupted connection. 

The instructions for these cards are in Chinese, but are also available in English if desired. Communications are still of good quality and service rates are cheaper for travelers. For GSM 900/1800 cell phones, for example, you can use the Chinese network. However, UMTS/HSDPA international roaming may not be available with all operators. For this you have to buy a local SIM card, which can be purchased in hotels, stores and even kiosks.

Internet in China

In China, there are many cafes with free Internet access. Some major networks also offer Wi-Fi hotspots, but to use this service, you must use a Chinese phone number. Only the cell phone company China Unicom offers 3G for this purpose. China Mobile uses a different technology, which is only available in China. You can therefore make calls and send messages, but not download data. 

With 3G, you can use various applications in China to communicate with your loved ones and share important moments. The most common ones are WhatsApp, WeChat, WhatsApp China, and Viber. While the first two apps are very useful for messaging, Viber is the only one that allows free calls. These apps only work if the person you are calling also has the app installed on their smartphone. 

In short, as in other countries, the best means of communication for visitors are always the telephone and the Internet. For China, these two means are very useful and easy to use. Whether you use a landline or a cell phone, you can make international calls and enjoy a high quality, stable and uninterrupted connection. In China, however, Wi-Fi is available for calls.