Top three largest dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are generally large reptiles. But given their disappearance from the planet earth, it is difficult to locate the largest dinosaurs especially since their bones fossilize together. However, studies have led to the discovery of the largest dinosaurs. Discover them in this extract.

The largest herbivorous dinosaur in the world

The Argentinosaurus is the dinosaur that has been identified as the largest herbivorous dinosaur. Discover accessories with dinosaur designs at It's a site that has plenty of dinosaur surprises in store for you. Let's go back to the Argentinosaurus. It was discovered in 1986 in Argentina, hence its name. When it was discovered, it measured 120 feet which is the equivalent of 36.5 meters. In addition, it weighed nearly 100 tons. 

The largest carnivorous dinosaur

Not all dinosaurs were herbivores. There were carnivores among them. So was identified as the largest carnivorous dinosaur, the Spinosaurus. It was a dinosaur with a crocodile snout. It weighed much less than the Argentinosaurus. The Spinosaurus 'e weighed unlike the Argentinosaurus only 10 tons. In addition to being large, it is very agile. It even has the ability to swim. It was identified as the first dinosaur to be able to swim. 

The largest raptor in the world

Much smaller and lighter than the first two, the world's largest raptor is the Utahraptor. It weighed only 1600 pounds or 680 kilograms. It was 6 meters long. Its particularity is that it had gigantic claws on its feet. These last ones were curved and had a length of 30 cm. He used them to capture, cut and disembowel his prey. If you are fascinated by this dinosaur, then immortalize it by getting some accessories on which it is drawn. To find such accessories, go to the site indexed above. You will love their items.