Top 3 most charming cities in the USA

Are you a lover of American cities? Do you dream of going to the United States of America? Here for you in this article, the top 3 charming and intoxicating cities of this country that you must visit for your pleasure and unforgettable moments.

New Orleans

More charming and seductive than New Orleans in the United States, you won't find any. Yes, it is the most bewitching American city. From this city, and more precisely from Frenchmen Street, rise the most beautiful and sweetest jazz melodies. You only have to view at it to fall in love with it forever. The shadow of Voodoo and the beautiful memories of the French Quarter hang over New Orleans. It would be a great mistake to set down your bags on American soil without spending some time in this mythical city. Simply experience it for yourself.


A port city steeped in history, Charleston is located on the south coast of the United States. The oldest buildings in this city date back to the beginning of the colonization of the New World. This was in the 1600s. This city has a very fascinating architecture that does not leave its visitors indifferent. To spend time in Charleston is to take an exceptional trip back in time. In addition to the history that this city lets you read in and through it, it is also known for its magnificent works of art, its beautiful beaches and its wonderful golf courses.

Salt Lake City

More airy and mellow than this city in the mid-western US, you'll be hard pressed to find one. Salt Lake City is about 700km north of Las Vegas. It is characterised by a purely eco-friendly and beautiful environment. If you like mountains or are a lover of green spaces, Salt Lake City opens its doors wide to you. Pack your bags and put them down in one of these cities.