Steering companies toward digital transformation: what process should be followed?

Migrating from outdated business techniques to more modern, innovative and digital ones is not always easy for companies. In order to succeed in this transformation process, several very specific steps must be taken. And there are specialized agencies in this field such as Calimero Consulting developed by Eric Minoli that help companies enormously to succeed in their digital transformation. We offer you the following article to discover the approach to adopt for a successful digital transformation of your company.

Establishing the business foundation

The first step in a company's digital transformation is defining its present and future needs. More clearly, it will be about finding transparent explanations for your goals. The same goes for the solutions to be made available to customers as well as the factors that should define the pace of evolution of the structure. Transforming Your Business to Digital with Eric Minoli is opting for a good resolution.

Defining leadership requirements and assessing the current situation

For the rest of the transformation process, it is essential to clearly articulate the organizational requirements and leadership of the company. At this stage, it will be necessary to clearly manage to indicate who is responsible for each element. After that, it will be necessary to make an accurate assessment of the leadership objectives and the current mission of your organization. This assessment will have the role of facilitating the identification of the company's technology gaps in order to create a plan or define the techniques to be implemented to correct them.

Choosing and implementing the right transformation technology

The final step in the digital transformation process is to develop technologies to correct the detected technology gaps for business growth. These technologies obviously use a specially chosen AI. In addition, during the process it is essential to calculate the budget and resources and analyze the trends useful for effective digital transformation.