How to have an unforgettable stay in Strasbourg ?

Strasbourg is one of the most popular cities in France, attracting more holidaymakers and tourists every year. Deciding to have a good time in Strasbourg is above all a matter of planning. In this article, you will find some tips and advice for an unforgettable stay in Strasbourg. 

The mode of transport

Located in the Grand Est region near the French-German border, Strasbourg stands out from other cities because of its impeccable natural, cultural, gastronomic and economic wealth. You can visit this website to find out more about Strasbourg and its wonders. If you are in the spirit of spending a memorable stay in Strasbourg, you must first of all think about choosing the mode of transport. Indeed, there are several means of transport to get to the city of Strasbourg. However, the means of transport you choose depends on your place of departure.

If your home town is close to Strasbourg, you can get there by your own vehicle. In this case, it is important to think about finding a car park to rent a space. In this way, you can park your vehicle safely in this space throughout the journey.  If your home is very far from Strasbourg, it is best to use the services of a mini or coach transporter. You can also use the railway, if it is close to your home. If you want to leave another country for France, the most generally recommended means of transport is by plane.

Choosing accommodation

Accommodation is a fundamental criterion to consider if you want to have a good stay in Strasbourg. In fact, before you set off for Strasbourg, the first thing you need to do is to book the place where you want to stay during your stay. In Strasbourg, many real estate agents and individuals will offer you a variety of accommodation at a very affordable price. However, you have the option of booking a flat. This can be one of the best choices if you are a couple or a family, as a flat gives you the freedom to enjoy enough space and do whatever you want. When you are on your own, a hotel room is a better choice.

Visit the best restaurants in town

Catering is one of the main concerns of any traveller once they land at their destination. Sure, you may have planned to cook for yourself. But there are times when you want to explore the different recipes offered by the city's restaurants. So, you should know that the restaurants in Strasbourg are different from each other because of their own culinary habits. Therefore, it is worthwhile to opt for restaurants that mainly offer recipes from the city. 


Travelling is above all an ideal opportunity to explore the world's most beautiful spaces. Strasbourg is full of elegant places to visit. To enjoy an unforgettable stay, you can start by visiting the half-timbered hotels in the city centre. Then, why not take a look at the historic centre, one of the main places that made Strasbourg famous? In this centre, you will discover the "Petite France" and old houses dating back to the renaissance period.