How to feed your cat?

Feeding your cat well is essential to ensure its hygiene and health. It is necessary to provide him with a food that covers his nutritional needs while respecting his eating habits. In this article, we will discuss how to feed your cat.

Focus on quantity

Cats need a balanced amount of food. On average, she needs between 40 and 50 grams of food per kilogram of body weight. These figures may vary depending on the type of food adopted and the brand, for this see this website.

Focusing on the quality of the food

Cats are carnivores, so their food must contain 50% quality animal proteins. He also needs a little water, because the water he needs is already in his food. It is therefore important to provide one wet meal per day.

With a good method

Cats are nibblers and appreciate regularity. It is therefore preferable to give him access to several meals a day to promote physical and mental balance.
If you want to change his diet, be careful! He does not tolerate sudden changes. This can cause digestive upsets and diarrhea. To do this, mix the two brands 50/50, then gradually reduce the difference. Do this until only the new formula is fed.
Cats like tempered foods; they don't like it too hot or too cold. Human food is not suitable for cats. Cats do not have the same nutritional needs as humans, so avoid giving them your leftover food.

Focusing on the place

The cat must be installed in a quiet and clean place. A place where the cat will not be disturbed, because the cat is an animal sensitive to smell. Remember to wash its bowls regularly to avoid any kind of disease or virus. In addition, all these tips are very important to remember for the well-being of the cat and also for your health.