How can you learn to play the handpan ?

The handpan is a very special and easy to learn musical instrument. How can you learn to play the handpan ? Find out on this page what you need to know about the handpan. This article tells you more about learning the handpan.

What is the handpan ? 

The handpan is a new instrument in the world of music, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming one of the great musical instruments, just like the piano and the guitar. It is an exclusive 21st century instrument with a shape and sound that makes it interesting. The musical tool seduces many people, who have indeed rushed to make an acquisition. Consisting of a steel shell firmly attached to each other, the handpan is played directly with bare hands by striking the metal in a rhythmic way.  
We offer here your handpan for sale, for subtle sounds, very poetic, bewitching and intimate. This instrument represents an inexhaustible source of rhythm, music and an inexhaustible world of sound. With the acquisition of the handpan, you have endless artistic freedom. It is an intuitive instrument that does not require any basic knowledge or music theory to play.

How can you learn the handpan online ? 

Although the musical instrument, the handpan, is very intuitive, we recommend that you get trained if you want to excel. Nowadays, you can learn to play the handpan online through tutorials, courses and also remote follow-ups. For beginner players, they will have basic courses to progress faster. If you are an intermediate player with more musical experience, you will be able to learn new ways to play. 
Professional players will have more advanced courses that are adapted to experts. Thus, you will discover very effective pedagogical approaches regardless of your musical level.