Discover the famous Euronext

Are you looking for a capitalization center where you can invest without risk? No need to worry about that anymore. Euronext 100, offers you its safe platforms with successful types of investment.

All about the Euronext 100

Composed mainly of 100 large market capitalization companies, the Euronext 100 is one of the market capitalization indices. The N100 is updated on a quarterly basis. This update allows for the inclusion of other companies. You can invest with eruonext 100 in 2021 in full safety. Indeed, Euronext 100 is a stock exchange of capitalization and its stock index is FR0003502079. Having obtained the authorization of the market authorities, it provides trading, selling and buying services on the market. Well also you can make investments at Euronext on several typical platforms.

Investing safely in Euronext 100 in two phases

In order to ensure total security for its clients, Euronext has set up several types of investments on several platforms. Indeed, to invest in Euronext 100, you have to choose between several types of investment. The classic index funds allow you to buy shares in your pool. Simple and accessible to, all the indices are presented at the close of each day. Then the Trackers or ETFs that give you access to all 100 stocks of Euronext. Finally, the individual stocks. Here, the transactions are independent and do not affect each other. The investment platforms also offer several options. Online brokers, trading platforms, robo-advisors or financial advisors. Each of the platforms is suitable for beginners with Euronext as well as the old ones. Robot advisors in particular are available every day at your service and require very little effort on your part.