All about welding

Welding is a permanent technique for creating continuity in the materials being joined. It can be used in particular for metals and plastics. It allows the permanent assembly by fusion of the parts to be welded and avoids the use of joining parts such as staples, bolts, rivets, etc.


Welding is when two parts are joined together continuously to form a single piece. For this reason, this technique requires metal dilution in the materials to be welded. The filler metal to be diluted is similar to those of the parts to be welded. When it is different, it is called soldering. However, the principle remains the same. For more information, go here.
Thus, the difference with soldering is that soldering requires prior fusion of the ends of the parts before assembly. This fusion may require a higher or lower temperature, depending on the materials to be welded.
To carry out welding, you will need a welding machine, materials and a power supply.

About the welding machine

Also called a welding machine, it is a device that creates a certain temperature at a specific point on the parts. It is available in several models depending on the temperature raising technique.
For flame welding, you can choose between the gas welding unit, the welding lamp and the acetylene oxygen torch. For electric arc welding, the following options are available: TIG welding unit, MIG-MAG welding unit and arc welding unit. Finally, the welding station and the welding iron are used for hot iron welding.
Note that welding requires specific methods and standards to be respected.